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CyRide to Roll out “Cyride 3.0”

After years of planning and preparation, CyRide released the details this week for what it is referring to as “CyRide 3.0”. Following a dismal customer satisfaction survey this fall, CyRide’s executive board decided to completely revamp Ames’s premier transit service. The changes include optimized routes, added stops near newly constructed apartment buildings, and what planners are referring to as “MegaBus”, a 400 foot long vehicle that will replace the entire current bus fleet.

Mega Bus is the brainchild of Peter Grimwald, who has been working for CyRide as a driver for several years.

“One day as I was passing Jeff’s Pizza, it just came to me. What if instead of having all these tiny slow little busses, we just had one big fast one?”

Peter brought up the idea to his manager, who passed it to the executive board, which voted to fund the development of MegaBus.

MegaBus Prototype

“Honestly I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner.” Said Haley Vander-Smoot, the current chairperson for the board. “With just one bus, we only need to pay one driver, and with that many seats, MegaBus will never be full.”

Of course the tradeoff will be that MegaBus has to go to every stop on every route in a short amount of time, but the board has a solution: jet engines.

“The only way for MegaBus to hit every stop in time is to make it go really fast. Our estimates indicate that an average speed of around Mach 6 will be required to make every stop in time.”

With more horsepower than a modern jet airliner, MegaBus will be capable of 0-60 mph in just under .02 seconds, with a top speed of nearly 6.5 times the speed of sound, making it one of the fastest land vehicles ever constructed.

CyRide 3.0 is expected to be implemented starting Fall 2019.

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